EZ-C Users Best Upgrade Alternative


Because EZ-C has not been developed in years and support terminated at the end of 2002, many EZ-C users are seeking an upgrade alternative for data entry and image entry. Unibase by DMAC, which has the same origins as EZ-C, is a near-perfect choice for migration.

Unibase by DMAC has been in constant development for over 25 years, so its features and capabilities continue to grow. Because Unibase by DMAC upgrades are always backwards compatible, Unibase by DMAC users will never be presented with a choice between obsolescent, unsupported software or an expensive upgrade requiring program re-writes and retraining.

Conversion of EZ-C programs to Unibase by DMAC is fast, easy and free. Although it is far more powerful, Unibase by DMAC has the same look and feel as EZ-C, so programmers and operators feel at home immediately. And, Unibase by DMAC is priced very competitively.

To find out more about conversion of EZ-C to Unibase by DMAC and obtain the Microsoft word document with the actual instructions, just click on the button below.