State-Of-The-Art Image Entry

Unibase Imaging provides the workhorse functionality of traditional data entry software. Built from the ground up for high speed data entry from images, Unibase Imaging is dedicated to the needs of data entry service organizations. Unibase by DMAC includes a state of the art image entry package that can be activated with a simple phone call. Most important, Unibase is designed to work with industry standard imaging tools. You can start by keying from images, then move into OCR/ICR when you’re ready. You can decide on the hardware and OCR/ICR software you want to use. Because DMAC makes sure that Unibase runs on the most recent versions of Windows servers and pc operating systems, you can use whatever Windows system is right for you.

Unibase Imaging offers production and speed advantages over other image entry packages. Workflow Queuing allows the supervisor to assign work to an individual operator by job name or by job function – data entry, verify or correct. Other advanced features allow you to define zones within a larger image and display multiple zones simultaneously. Fine print? No problem. You can set resolution on individual zones within an image. Data entry operators can also zoom and pan an image on the screen. Unibase Imaging even allows you to display a zone (portion of image) from a file other than the one being keyed. Unibase by DMAC features a 31 character name/directory structure. With up to 31 character file names, you can efficiently organize your customer jobs